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What We Provide :

Bespoke, Campaign Specific Databases

Further benefits of developing and progressing your prize draw promotions through Silver Fern Services are that, unlike many, we love bespoke, and without charge, will develop your promotional database requirements for you, as you require them. Operating in tried and tested MS SQL Server 2012.

Two example questions :

By age band, how many children of each gender, do you / your spouse / partner have ?
Age Bands No. of Boys No. of Girls
  1 2 3+ 1 2 3+
0 - 3 months
4 - 24 months
2 - 4 years
5 - 7 years
8 - 11 years
12 - 13 years
16 - 18 years
18 years +

Select up to 3 stores, in order of expenditure, from which you / your partner purchase most of your GROCERIES each week ?
Highest expenditure is with Required
Second highest expenditure is with
Third highest expenditure is with

Internet enacted participation in and registration for prize draw led promotions, together with regulatory, insurance and legal requirements, has made it even more important that quality, secure, well conceived, and well managed and maintained databases are at the heart of, and proactively enabling your campaigns and their objectives.

Our free database facilities, among other things, support & enable ;

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