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What We Provide :

Prize Indemnity Insurance

Lloyds of London Headquarters

This is a very important element of any substantial prize draw programme. All of the sales promotions we are responsible for are insured and policy cover is available through us on a direct with insurer basis, or, may be effected under our block policy cover. Either way, as soon as the prize details and related draw considerations are ‘sketched out’, we can usually give immediate guidance as to requirements and likely premium considerations, if indeed, any premium is payable by you. Upon finalising prize draw details any premium payable is quoted promptly in writing.

Our Prize Indemnity Insurance arrangements from time to time offer some very, very, special terms and typically provide ;

Prize Indemnity Insurance arrangements are complex matters and can take time for policy wording and competitive cover to be obtained, so we recommend that you involve us in this aspect at the earliest opportunity.

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