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Future Developments

Language Translations & Overseas Offices

Country flags

Our senior Officers and personnel have diverse commercial backgrounds and emanate from various parts of the globe, ranging from the United Kingdom to the Netherlands and on to France, Germany, Portugal, South Africa, Indonesia, China, Japan, Australia & New Zealand. As this is being written, we are evolving both in terms of ;

  1. the geographic markets we work within, and,
  2. our physical presence within these markets

In due course, we expect to be announcing both that ;

  • we are opening new offices in overseas territories,
  • we can offer services for the translation and re-deployment into different countries, of ;
    • sales promotions we have instigated for you
    • other campaigns your organisation has developed overseas and would like to run in the U.K.
    • other campaigns your organisation has developed in the U.K. and would like to run overseas

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