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What We Provide :

Consumer / Market Research

Market research

Many well orchestrated sales promotions are not just about an increase in today’s turnover, or, subscriptions, or, donations, or, the like, but, also about matters such as ;

  • understanding consumer attitudes or habits
  • influencing consumer perceptions and actions
  • developing secondary product or service awareness
  • enhancing direct access to customers and potential customers

These are just a few of the sometimes primary, sometimes secondary motives and objectives of sales promotions, but, whenever you wish to learn more about your customers and prospective customers, whatever your motive, please remember what we said about “Campaign Specific Databases” “we love bespoke, and without charge, will develop your promotional database requirements for you, as you require them.

And “yes”, this includes asking prize draw participants Questions which you would like answers to.

We will help you formulate your Questions and apply consistent answer sets to them and deploy them within the databases which facilitate and support your promotion – again, all without charge !

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